My first experience of walking in the hills was as a fourteen year old in the Peak District. A
friend and myself go battered by a storm as we attempted to cross Kinder Scout. We
retreated to the safety of a phone box and waited for his dad to come and retrieve us.
Undaunted, the following week we walk the gritstone edges on the eastern side of the Peak
District National Park and my interest in walking and landscape was kindled.
After a career in industry I decided to make writing my fulltime pursuit. I now write full
time. I have a focus on landscape and the interaction we human’s have with this ever
changing environment. A large part of my time is spent in the Peak District and Yorkshire
Dales either researching and writing guidebooks or articles for magazines. I have developed
a keen interest in cityscapes and urban walking. I explore and write about walking across my
home city as a psychogeographical experience, interlaced with social and historical identifiers
that have become embedded in this streets and edgelands of my community.
I joined a local Mountain Rescue Team some years ago, it is part of paying back for
all the enjoyment I have in the hills. And of course there is Scout, my Border Collie trainee
search dog who is now my constant companion. Hopefully in the near future we will become
operational in the UK.
I am married to Metalsmith Alison Counsell. We live in Sheffield a few minutes from
the Peak District border.