Meindl Craftsmanship


Quality and comfort has always been the guiding principle of the Meindl family when it comes to the manufacture of their footwear. For over 300 years, Meindl have been making handmade boots from locally sourced quality products in their home town of Kirchanschoring in Bavaria, southern Germany.

Today, traditional craftsmanship and knowledge is used in combination with modern manufacturing techniques, which has meant that Meindl has grown from being a small local shoemaker to a major global brand. Over this time the Meindl family has developed working relationships with many experts and pioneers within the industry, including W.L. Gore Industries.

Meindl manufacture footwear for many different footwear markets worldwide including the Outdoor Leisure sector, Field Sports, Military, Police and Forestry. Currently, Bramwell International Ltd, the UK and Ireland importers of Meindl footwear, supply many popular types of boots, including the Bhutan walking boot, Air Stream chainsaw boot, Dovre Extreme stalking boot and the Desert Fox military boot. All these boots are proving to be very popular with users.

A popular area for Meindl has been the introduction of their ‘Comfort Fit’ range of footwear. With many more customers finding footwear is cramped or too narrow for their feet, Meindl manufacture a wider fitting range of footwear, including the popular Meran walking boot or the Philadelphia walking shoe. This range of footwear will continue to expand and grow.

classic walking boots meindl-craftsmen
classic walking boots meindl-craftsmen
Meindl walking boots and shoes - classic walking boots