meindl children's walking shoes - summer holiday ideas

As the long summer holidays continue, the cries of ‘what are we going to do today?’ soon start and children’s expectations can be alarmingly high. With a long six weeks stretching out before you, here are some ideas to foster a spirit of adventure and get the kids having fun in nature’s playground without breaking the bank. Most of them can be done with very little planning just about anywhere in the country.

1.   Go on a midnight hike

It’s a well known fact that staying up past bedtime is massively exciting. The summer holidays are an ideal time to cut your kids a bit of slack. Wait until nightfall and plan a short spooky walk on a route you know well on good paths. Take headtorches and a midnight feast. Make sure you stop, turn off the torches, stay quiet and open your eyes to the wonderful night skies and your ears to the sounds of the darkness.

2.   Cycle with the ghost trains along a disused railway

There is a growing network of traffic-free paths on dismantled railway lines across the country. They provide safe and often spectacular short rides. The beauty of cycling with younger kids is that you can walk at a decent adult pace while they ride and their bikes are also easy to fling into the car boot. Older kids will easily clock up a few miles but parents need to have their own bike to keep up. Go on the Sustrans website to find a traffic-free route near you.

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