Source Hydration UK

Fooled you…? – Maybe you guessed it:

Our promotion for the new SOURCE Taste Edition on April 1 was not for real.

What’s 100% true for all SOURCE Hydration Systems: Water tastes better than from any other bladder – because water from SOURCE Hydration Systems tastes like water and nothing else.

SOURCE Taste Edition – Fooled You?

Never say never, but this SOURCE Taste Edition we launched on April 1 will most probably never hit the shelves. It was not a product idea we passed on to our developers – but to our Social Media folks for April 1. What’s true and always will be true: Drinking from SOURCE Hydration Systems tastes better than from any other. And there’s good reasons for that: The smoother Glass-Like film, our Grunge-Guard Technology and more (read: What Makes SOURCE Hydration Systems Better Bladders).

Developing Next Generation Hydration Systems

And we WILL keep developing new systems like the Widepac Divide, the hugely successful 2015 launch where you get two drinks in one hydration system. Ideal for flavoured/isotonic drink and pure water taste on the road.

The Widepac Divide was awarded with a Design & Innovation Award from Enduro Magazine 2015.