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How should I store my boots?

Boots should be stored clean and in a dry airy place. They shouldn’t be stored in damp rooms, closed boxes or plastic bags. It’s really important to keep your boots clean, and not to dry them near a heat source which could damage the upper and the sole. There’s more information on how to care for Meindl boots here


The ageing process of a boot is accelerated by them being incorrectly stored or not used for long periods. Materials can become hard or porous – Porous PU soles are difficult to spot from the outside, as the process starts from the inside. If you have not worn your boots for a long time carry out a thorough inspection, particularly of the sole and a short test walk.

Which boots are crampon compatible?

Meindl boots graded C and D can be used with crampons. Find out more about our terrain categories and a crampon compatible boot.

Our recommendation is that Meindl grade B boots, which include Borneo, Burma and Bhutan aren’t used with crampons as they are too flexible. We do recommend micro spikes for winter walking with these styles.

Where can I buy replacement laces?

We sell replacement laces for Meindl boots and shoes. Meindl make a huge range of products, so although you might not be able to find an exact replacement lace for your style and colour – we can help with ensuring you pick something suitable for your colour and style combination. You can purchase replacement laces here. We recommend:

For shoes

  • 120cm laces

For boots

  • Up to a size 8: 150cm laces
  • Sizes 8-11: 180cm laces
  • Sizes 11-14: 200cm laces

For Dovre Extreme and high leg Hunting Boots: 220cm laces for all sizes.

Is my resole guaranteed?

The work is guaranteed, but it does not renew the warranty.

Can Meindl boots be resoled?

Yes, Meindl boots can be resoled and we look at each pair of boots on a case by case basis. If your boots or shoes have been well cared for but are now at the end of their sole life, we can advise on a potential resole.

Resoles take place at the Meindl factory in Germany. They take approximately 10-12 weeks and cost from £105, depending on the model. Please note that Meindl reserve the right to use another sole unit suited to the model, if the original is no longer available.  Please find a Resole form here

Boots can only be resoled, stitched or have D rings and hooks repaired if the leather is still supple and the lining is in good condition, particularly that they are free from cracks in the leather. Not all shoes can be resoled so please check before sending them to us.

If you would like your boots resoled please return them via your local retailer and include this Resole Form with your boots.

For repair enquiries please Contact us for further information.

Which care product should I use?

You can find everything you need to know about caring for your boots, which product to use and buy direct from us on our care and repairs page.

I am on holiday – can I get my boots repaired or replaced?

We are the official Meindl distributor for the UK and Ireland. We can process returns from UK and Irish retailers, or members of the public in the UK.

What is Hydrolysis?

Hydrolysis is the disintegration of the soles on a pair of boots, this isn’t a production defect. If you rarely use your boots, over time, the soles harden and dry – a bit like a car tyre – even if they are new. It’s a natural deterioration of the material (the technical term is the polyurethane compounds) which the wedge of the sole is made of.

What happens next? The soles detach from the rest of the boots. This process is more frequent in areas with a very humid microclimate, or those that are very wet. So, it’s really important to wear your boots on a regular basis so the soles remain ‘active’.

Can Meindl boots be repaired?

Meindl boots and shoes are handcrafted in Germany. Their factory is home to an excellent service department who can offer repairs when the upper of a pair of boot is in good condition. They are usually able to repair hooks, stitching and linings for a small charge. They will always confirm a cost before any work is carried out.

Can I return my boots?

If you have an issue with your boots when they are still under warranty, please return them to the original retailer where they were purchased.

If you aren’t sure where they were purchased, you can return them to us direct. In this case, we are able to offer repair. Unfortunately, we can’t refund any postage costs.  Please complete and include this Returns Form with your footwear.

Do Meindl make wide fitting boots and shoes?

Meindl have a huge range of boots and shoes and cater for all foot shapes and sizes. We make a specific wide foot range of boots called Comfort fit, which are wider in the forefoot. Please see wide fit styles here.

Do you offer fitting advice?

We recommend that you visit a specialist outdoor retailer to try boots on, to ensure that they are the correct fit, width and volume for your feet. Find your nearest stockist using our Meindl stockist search.

How long is the Meindl warranty?

Meindl’s manufacturing warranty is one year from the original date of purchase. Not included under the warranty is normal wear and tear as well as the results of improper usage, wilful damage, the lack of proper care and treatment or modifications.

Which boot do you recommend for hill walking?

Meindl boots are graded in a category system from A – D. These categories are based on the terrain that the boot will be suitable for. It’s important that you choose the correct boot for the type of walking or activity that you’ll be doing, whether that be hill walking, or a city break. You can find all our advice on this on our ‘Which boot should I choose?’ page.

How do I find a particular Meindl style?

Meindl produces a huge range of styles and they are hand-crafted in Germany, so not all of them are readily available in UK shops. However, your local Meindl stockist should be able to order any Meindl style for you – please get in touch with them to enquire.

Why can’t I buy boots direct from you online?

We’re the official distributor of Meindl in the UK and Ireland, so our boots go direct to retailers. Meindl are passionate that every shoe or boot fits correctly, so we’re here to provide advice and guidance, and then we’d encourage you to visit your nearest stockist to get fitted.

Where is my nearest stockist?

You can find your nearest stockist using the stockist search on our website.

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