I was lucky enough to go to meet the Meindls and visit the Meindl UK Ltd factory. And what a place it is. Would you believe that someone with the Meindl name has been making boots in the same Bavarian town for 300 years now! That’s what I call a family tradition. And they still have that passion for making high quality boots and shoes and keeping the brand rooted to its Bavarian heritage.

This factory is the perfect blend of old meets new, you have old machines no longer produced, being used for classic double stitch boots and a new state of the art warehouse distribution centre. And 3rd and 4th generation shoemakers alongside the new shoe maker apprentices looking to continue the town’s history.

Below are some pictures and info on the factory.

meindl uk - leather for walking boots and shoes
Here, Lukas Meindl, in the blue shirt shows us a full cowhide skin. They only use the best quality European tanneries and work very closely with them. This skin alone cost over 70 euros!
meindl uk leather walking boot factory
A look at Meindl boots through the ages, here we have work boots dating back to before the war, 1950s mountaineering boots and ski boots.
meindl uk meets meindl germany
One of the more famous Meindl users being from Bavaria he loves his Meindl Super Perfekts!
meindl uk - german factory tour, craftsmanship in action
This is a classic machine used for stitching the sole units onto double stitched boots, it's a very skilled job and time consuming compared to gluing but much harder wearing.
walking boots and shoes in production at Meindl
The 1st part of double stitching another old school machine is used to stitch the uppers and midsole together before being sewn to the sole. These machines are no longer made so spares have to be custom made when parts need replacing.
meindl uk visits the German production floor
The last storage area! So many lasts. A last is what gives the boot its shap and Meindl have many different last depending on model. The last stays in the boot all the way around the factory at every station so the boot keeps its shape.
leather walking boots distributed by meindl uk
The final part of the production line, here all boots are given another inspection by eye and have the laces and footbeds put inside ready for being boxed and sent out. This factory can make up to 1500 pairs a day!
meindl uk heads to Germany
Here are the racks and racks of Meindl back for repair and resole, Meindl think boots and shoes should last a long to time and that things should be repaired rather than replaced as its much better for the environment. Here the do the entire global repairs, I saw boots from Sweden, Canada and Korea with just a quick glance. They resole up to 250 pairs a day on the original last here before sending them back to customers
Meindl UK walking boot distributors
Ever made the mistake of buying boots a bit small? Well worry not Meindl have the contraption it can make your footwear up to one size wider or half a size longer!
meindl craftsmanship and technology
This is the GORE-TEX® Products test chamber. Boots are filled with water and placed inside, it spins up to a high speed and tries to force water through the membrane. 2% of boots are tested in the factory as part of the quality control standard.