walking boots and shoes in production at Meindl

Cicerone Press cast a spotlight on Meindl

There’s plenty of equipment that walkers and trekkers can use. But one of the true essentials is a good pair of walking boots. Lars and Lukas Meindl talk about how they make walking boots and shoes – and what Meindl means to them.

You are now the 9th generation of the family to run your company. Coming from so much tradition and history, how do you manage to constantly adapt to market conditions and keep an eye on the future?

Lars Meindl: That’s a very complex question. On the one hand, we stand by our traditions because they are part of our history and they make us what we are. We still make mountaineering boots using a traditional double-stitching method, for example. It’s a craft, and every one of our boots is unique. We are also fiercely loyal to our base in Kirchanschöring, and we are investing in its future.

Lukas Meindl: Meindl is also known for its innovations in the outdoor boot market. The foundations for this were laid by our father, Alfons Meindl, when we were very young. We would spend Saturdays with him in the workshop, helping to come up with new developments. While we were still small, it was still just playing and tinkering with leather materials for Lars and I, and over time this grew into development work.

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Meindl walking boots and shoes - classic walking boots
walking boots and shoes in production at the Meindl factory