meindl stockist uk Mike Rummery at Taunton Leisure

Mike from Meindl UK spent some time on the shop floor at Taunton Leisure at their Taunton shop. Mike has over 20 years experience of footwear, but it has been 10 years since he last worked in a shops boot room. “It was a little scary at first waiting for the first customer, but once the shop got busy all the fun of boot fitting came back to me. The staff at Taunton Leisure are all enthusiastic, experienced and it was reassuring to see them offering the best advice and recommendations to customers. It was great to see them in action and to know good advice and customer service is still out there.”

On one of the days, an older gentleman came into the shop with a very tired pair of Meindl boots and was suffering from blisters. He was obviously a very experienced walker but had recently suffered from a very serious illness, but was now on the mend and wanted to get back out on the hills. After closer inspection of his boots and feet, he was fitted with some stabilizing footbeds and a more supportive new pair of Meindl Bhutan boots. Mike commented, “This is what boot fitting is all about. Hopefully, this gentleman will now enjoy many more years of carefree walking, something he clearly has a passion for and it was great to be of some help here.”

For correctly fitting footwear for your chosen activity, Meindl always recommends seeking advice from an experienced boot fitter.