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Meindl Product Bundles

Meindl boots and shoes are best purchased in-store following a fitting. So our online approach focuses on helping consumers in the UK & Ireland find a stockist near them. This means our eCommerce presence on the Meindl UK website is based on a smaller inventory of socks, care products, and accessories such as laces and footbeds.

Responding to consumer demand, we have just introduced bundles combining a mixture of care products, socks, and accessories for the best value. Each bundle has a different leaning, from a combination of care products to extend the longevity of Meindl’s boots and shoes, to multi-buys of consumers’ favourite socks!

Laces, care products, and such are not necessarily the most visually tempting of products, however. This means our in-house photographer got to work producing a new set of lifestyle photographs to add to their online shelf appeal!


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