What a perfect way to start 2016: Not one but two of our innovative 2016 hydration products were awarded with the Design & Innovation Award 2016! Check out the jury’s verdict below.

At ENDURO MTB Magazine’s Design & Innovation Award, experts and riders take a deep look at cutting edge technology and convincing innovative concepts, awarding quality products that present a new approach or solution. It’s all about recognizing potential – while awarding not prototypes or ideas, but products that deliver excellent performance in tough and professional testing sessions.

Jury Verdict: Design & Innovation Award for SOURCE Hipster Hydration Belt

“There have been a number of belt-style bags that have hit the market over the years, but all have suffered from stability issues. The new Source Hipster Hydration Belt addresses these issues with the addition of a removable minimalistic harness to hold the pack comfortably in place.

The bladder has been designed to spread the weight over the rider’s hips, and there is a clever magnetic clip to hold the hydration tube in place. For those who do not like a weight on their back, the Source Hipster offers a stable and comfortable alternative

Jury Verdict – Design & Innovation Award for SOURCE Filtering Hydration System“The Source Widepac + Filter is the perfect option for high-mountain adventurers and minimalist riders. The integrated Sawyer Mini Filter lets you draw safe, drinkable water from the most dubious of streams, filtering out 99.999 % of bacteria and protozoa.

The filter is easy to clean in the field, and is a big advantage on long rides, or for racers looking to find water on the course. Combined with the easy-to-clean Widepac hydration kit, you will never be short of water again.”