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We’re now sharing content with over 10,000 followers

We’ve really developed our work on social media over the past few years and are so pleased to have reached the 10,000 followers mark on Instagram: @meindlboots

This is a milestone that we’re really proud of as our work on this channel is genuine. We enjoy chatting about our boots and shoes with a wide group of people who share our passion for the Meindl brand, and for the outdoors.

Instagram has proven to be the perfect channel on which to share content about our products, how to take care of them, and how they can be used in the outdoors. It’s also an ideal opportunity to share the customer experience of Meindl products – a good percentage of our content is user-generated.

Underpinning our social strategy for Meindl is our work with a select number of people who test our products and create content around their experience. We welcome them as part of the Bramwell and Meindl family and develop positive collaborations over the long term. Check out @traveltwo_  for instance. Laura and Tom are out and about in Scotland wearing men’s and ladies Bhutan MFS. The terrain they explore is perfect for showcasing this best-selling Meindl boot.

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