Djibouti Sandal

By Ana | 07/9/2014

Simply the best!

The best flip-flops I’ve ever had. Soft and warm. I wear them when walking dogs during the rain. I am never cold. I have black with orange straps – 5 years old. I’d loooove if you do similar next summer. I will buy two pairs.

By Carol | 06/23/2011

Love love love these! I usually go through a few sets of flip flops a season because i wear them out but these are here for the long haul! They are really made well and the flower pattern I got are super cute!

By Amy | 06/2/2011

These flip-flops are so great! They actually provide support and aren’t made out of that terrible plastic which most flip-flop is made out of. If you like flip-flops buy them!


Gobi Women’s Sandal


The high price of the Gobi reflects the masses of tech it has onboard: super grippy outsole; waterproof, three-layer strapping and a cushioned, odour controlled footbed.

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Source Widepac 2l


A well-made, fairly bomb-proof reservoir that has all the features including a removable tube, a large opening for easy cleaning and a mouthpiece cover to keep it clean. It’s not perfect: the plastic clip doesn’t attach so could be lost. But for performance, convenience, reliability and value for money, it’ll take some beating.

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