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Meindl at W.J.French & Son

The Meindl family partner up with the French family. 

We’re pleased to share that you can now be fitted for and buy a range of Meindl boots and shoes at W. J. French & Son, Southampton. Much like the Meindl family in Germany,  W.J. French have spent over 200 years looking after people’s feet, fitting, maintaining and repairing shoes here in the UK.

“We believe a well-fitted pair of shoes is an investment for life’s journey, and we’ll look after those shoes for their lifespan. In a world where so much is disposable, it’s good to know your feet are in safe hands.” – W. J. French & Son

Meindl at W.J.French

Here’s a shot from the front of the shop in 1950.

W. J. French & Son is one of the oldest shoe making businesses in the the UK, now over 200 years old. Francis French started as an apprentice shoemaker in 1794 and in 1803 became a master shoemaker and began his business from his house in Kingsland Place, Southampton.

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