Meindl UK team

The Walking Shop – Leyburn Meindl factory visit

We have sold Meindl footwear for over 14 years and have many satisfied customers that come back to us time and again for Meindl products. We are familiar with the family heritage of the company and our staff have enjoyed wearing a variety of Meindl footwear over the years and yet I had never actually seen the products being made.

Many people share the idea that modern factory production is an automated process which involves very little human input apart from pressing the odd button or two. However a recent trip to Meindl’s HQ and factory in Germany was a real eye-opener. Despite the use of many specialist machines in the fabrication of the footwear, what became quickly apparent was that the process was highly reliant on the specialist skills of the workforce. With over 300 separate processes from start to finish, each pair of boots which rolls off the production line has been created by a team of experts with many years of experience between them. I was particularly impressed in the way that each pair is minutely inspected and cleaned before it finally goes into the shoe box.

The price of good quality outdoor footwear has risen dramatically over the last few years and we are often asked by our customers why it is so expensive? Having now seen the care and skill that goes into each pair from the selection of the leather right through to lacing up the finished product I can only conclude that it still represents terrific value for money.